My Laundry Room Makeover

It's not 100% complete just yet but I'm pretty proud of what I learned painting my first room and how I pulled it all together. It's taken almost a year to complete, simply out of hesitation (The Nesting Place helped me overcome my fears!), but I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger and I'm happy with where it is today.

laundry room

We bought this house in July 2013, without ever stepping foot inside! That's a long story for a different day! But one of the things that I immediately loved was the fact that the laundry room was upstairs, right across the hall from the master bedroom and in between two of the kids rooms. I'll never understand why people always choose to make them so far away from where the clothes actually are, but this house didn't have that problem! What the laundry room did have was lack of storage and venting for the dryer out of the ceiling, weird right?

We moved in to the house officially at the end of August 2013. Being military though and spending the previous 5 years overseas, we had to wait for our stuff to get here and wait even longer for our washer and dryer to get moved out of storage. All that finally showed up and while it was great to not have to head to the laundry mat anymore after 5 years in storage we knew our hand-me-down washer and dryer was on it's last legs. The pair, was an unmatched set that my Dad was kind enough to load up and make the drive from Wichita to Chicago in a ice storm to bring us way back when! It was not a very pleasing to the eyes set, so ugly I never even took any before pictures of the room!

Flash Forward to October 2013! That's when my husband's AMAZING Grandma and Grandpa made the drive from the midwest to the East Coast to come see our new house! Grandpa Bill has amazing talents and as Grandma always does, she spoiled us with several trips to Lowe's to help us make some upgrades right away on the house. We did three projects while they were here, under cabinet kitchen lighting, a new outlet in the laundry room (there was only one for the washer and one for the dryer where are we suppose to plug in the ironing board?) and NEW CABINETS for the laundry room!!!

By the time the weekend was over we had some amazing new storage in the laundry room! And within days of Grandma and Grandpa leaving the washer finally did give out and my wonderful husband bought me a new matching set!

And the room stayed like that for several months! Then my Dad came to visit and helped me pick out which stain to buy. But the room still stayed the same for several months more. Then I finally stained the cabinets. And it was just a room with stained cabinets for another 6 months at least. Until this past weekend, when I finally painted and we added the last few touches and I pulled all the accessories I'd bought over the last year and finally put them out! Now it looks like this....

clothespin hooks
Found the hooks at Kohls

Laundry Room

And there's plenty of storage!

And the dryer vent is mostly hidden in the cabinet!

There's one more board we just got finished staining that will complete the underside of the cabinets so you can't see the unfinished part of that. And I'd love to get a new ironing board and hang it on robe hooks like I've seen on Pinterest. The shelf above the washer and dryer still looks pretty empty so I'll probably still pick more stuff up if I see anything that catches me eye while I'm out browsing and I'm thinking of making some sort of printable laundry guide for the wall. I'll update if I ever get that done.

Here's the sign that started it all!
Endless Love and Laundry
Found the sign at Ross

 This quote is so true! Just minutes after I took all these pictures I got started on all the laundry that got backed up after taking the washer out of the room for two days! Dirty laundry multiplies quick in this house so don't think for a second this room still looks this good! Laundry all over the floor and the shelf has quickly turned in to a place for folded baby clothes! And today is our 9th wedding anniversary so we are feeling the love! I'm glad I have such a great husband to help me with these projects!

And I'm glad to have one room of the house finally painted and put together, now to go get supplies to finish up our next project!!

A bright new room as helped me get all caught up with the washing! Why aren't there folding machines yet? lol How do you stay caught up on laundry? Do you do all your laundry one one certain day or do you do one load every day of the week?

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