8 Lessons Learned Painting My First Room

So I painted my Laundry Room this weekend! So glad I started with a small area as my first ever room to paint. People make it look so easy. And it wasn't hard but it just wasn't what I expected when I used to dream of changing the colors of the rooms as often as the seasons changed in the house I would some day own. But here are a few tips I learned along the way. 

Painting Room Lessons

1. Too much is better than not enough! - Especially when it comes to paint! If you think a quart will be enough for your tiny laundry room. Think again!! Just go ahead and get the gallon. It'll save you the 40 minute one way drive to Lowe's to finish the second coat. Nothing like wanting to be done and not being able to finish.

Green Paint

2. Ladders hurt! - You'll smash your toe carrying it upstairs and standing on it in just socks is uncomfortable. I suggest the use of some tennis shoes or cute slippers!

3. All those people who paint with out ever flinging, dripping or dropping paint, they have talent! Prepare for a lot of curse words and clean up! Painting your first room will be messy!

4. Taping off the room is best left to the husband! You can then later blame him for crooked lines! Muahahaha! Plus ain't nobody got time for that! It is one of the most important parts though so I highly suggest taking the time.

5.  Don't take shortcuts! Going hand in had with lesson number 4! Taking shortcuts will make everything look sloppy and it will just make the next homeowners irritated. Take down the outlet and light switch covers instead of just trying to paint around them. Ugh! So many of mine have this ugly shade of yellow-y paint where the last people just tried to free hand paint around them.

6.  When looking to your husband for advise or reassurance that things look good, consider the time of year! HAHA! It's a Red October, folks! Which means it is another year of the St. Louis Cardinals in the playoffs hoping to make it to the World Series! If you might need something after a game has started, think again! lol

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball
(P.S. - I love baseball also! So I was watching the game too!)

7. Almost 2 year olds love to walk in and touch the wall you just painted! They're lucky they are so cute! And the soon to be 7 year old will continuously ask to help. It's best to let them use the roller a few times and send them off to prep for a tea party celebration for when the painting is done!

8. Paint seems to contain lots of addicting particles that make you want to go out and buy gallons and gallons of more colors so you can finish the rest of the house as soon as possible!!! Next up the powder room on our main floor!!!

What tips do you have for painting?

Check back in later this week for all the details of my green laundry room!!

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