I'm Shrinking! And other thoughts...

So I failed miserably at the whole 30 diet! I mean, I work at a Candy Store! But I have still been watching what I eat and I've been shrinking! Down over an inch on my waist currently!!!!!! Haven't weighted myself though but I'm not too worried about that! I know my jeans are all starting to require a belt and that makes me happier than numbers going down!

Over all the big thing I've noticed is how much sugar affects more than just my cravings and desires. If I eat too much, I'm just a cranky person for the day! It really alters my body and gives me a huge sugar rush and then the worst part, sugar crash! And I'm talking I think that my migraines have been related to the amount of sugar I eat.

With bread and milk, I have also really noticed big differences too. Lots of bread with a meal and I want to take a nap 30 minutes later. Big glass of milk and my stomach is not happy! Combine those together and I'm blown up like a balloon!

So a chicken salad versus a PB&J for lunch can change how my whole afternoon goes! So that just some things to think about if you are ready to make a change in your life. My goal is a bikini by 30! I want to go in to my thirties with the best health I've ever had! I've got just under 8 months and 3 weeks to make it happen! So noticing these changes now are going to set me up big soon! I don't plan on really kicking it in to overdrive for all that until January though! But little changes now are definitely helping.


There was a big kindle sale on this book called The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith who has the blog, Nesting Place.
The Nesting Place

I've never really read the blog but I have seen lots of other blogs rave about the book so went it went on sale I bought it. Not even halfway through yet and let me tell you this woman is an inspiration! She's given me the motivation to get started on this house and not be so indecisive about choices like paint color and where to hang pictures! I live here in this house right now, why do I continue to live in somewhere I don't like just because of the color! Pick one already Jenni, if you don't like it after a while, change it again! I am starting with the laundry room this weekend hopefully (my daughter is having a sleepover so hopefully I can find time!) I can't wait to share pictures with you all! But like I said I bought the kindle version of the book and I'm only about halfway through but I know next time I see this book, I'll be getting a hard copy of it to read over and over! I've been scoping out her blog too and it's full of good stuff on there also! I've seen this lady's pictures everywhere and then read her book to find out her and her husband have mostly lived in rentals throughout their lives. If she can take those kinds of risks in her rental houses and make it look amazing. I can take those risks in my own house and make it look amazing (hopefully, fingers crossed! lol) But her book is amazing, haven't even read it all and I highly recommend it!!! There's a reason it's #1 and you should find out why!!!

Nesting Place

Well the baby is yelling at me from upstairs! I love her little voice! I'd write more but I'll have to save those thoughts for another day!

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