Life Lately...

How is it possible that it's May 1st already? April just went by in a blink!! Here's a little bit of what happened in my life during the past month though...

We started the month with a birthday! My oldest turned TEN! Not sure how it's possible and it's still hard to believe!!

I did good and got a rocking chair pic on his birthday though!!! My Grandma gave me that chair the Christmas I was pregnant with him and I've tried really hard to get a pic of all my kids in the chair every year on their birthdays! Sometimes it happens, sometimes I totally drop the ball!

Then the Easter Bunny stopped by our house and dropped off some goodies! Then we went out to brunch with our friends and I snapped a few pics on our walk to and from the car. Isn't Katelyn's $3 goodwill dress just adorable???!!!

The week after Easter the kids were out of school for Spring Break, so we had some fun exploring! This beach will be visited a lot this summer, I have a feeling! It wasn't warm enough to get in this time but the kids still had a blast playing in the sand.

We also made a stop to the PetCo that just opened up near us! You'd think it was a trip to the zoo with how excited the kids were.

 Then I worked, worked and worked some more. Most days resulting in wearing the same clothes Michelle was wearing! Not sure how we managed it but we looked like twins at work at least once a week with out ever even planning it! We also spend the weekend in Richmond for work at the Southern Women's Show! We had a blast with our friend Lisa, too! So much laughing and girl talk!!

When I got back from the weekend of working out of town, the next day my lifelong best friend and her family arrived!! With husbands that are HUGE St. Louis Cardinal fans we went to Nationals Park and saw the Cardinals play the Nationals!!

The next day, we walked D.C. and saw all the sites we could!


Made it to the American History Museum! 30 before 30 list item checked off!! WOOT!

Since then, things have slowed down a little but with Girl Scout meeting and events and Baseball practices and games things have still managed to stay a little crazy!

That was about all of our April! Super busy, but a super fun month!!

Can't wait to see what May holds and how 30 years old feels!!

Check out more photos on instagram!!

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