Screen Free Week!

Screen Free Week is something my family has never participated in, but this year we are! 

Screen Free Week - Click here to learn more!

I'm tired of my children's attitudes some days and I'm tired of how often we are all just sitting around watching tv or playing with something. Time to get up and move!!

My kids are going cold turkey and staying completely screen free all week! I'm going to limit myself to 45 minutes every morning to computer only. From 8:15 when I get home from dropping the kids off at the bus until 9 when the baby gets up, will be the only time I'm online over the next week. My phone will be used for music only!! My husband is in his last week of this semester's online classes so he can't really adhere to the screen free week stuff! But good luck to him on his finals!!

Somethings I plan on getting done instead of sitting in front of the tv or computer include:

I'm really excited about this adventure. I don't think I always spend too much time looking at screens but I know I spend way more than I should. I think it's going to really put in to perspective how much time I waste online or watching tv and I can't wait to gain some of that time back!

Have you ever participated in Screen Free Week? Do you spend a lot of time online and on the couch already or do you have it under control?

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