Tips from a Failure: My Whole30 Experience

March was going to be my month! I was going to rock the Whole30 "diet" and end the month as a new woman! Then March laughed in my face! I've decided the Whole30 experience is just not for me. But I did learn a few things in my failed attempt that could help others to be successful and I just wanted to share those with the world.


Tip #1: Have a partner! Your spouse, your roommate, a friend. If you live with others, an elimination diet is really hard if others aren't eliminating most of the same foods. Having a partner on board with you could make life much easier.

Tip #2: If it's your first time to try this diet, wait for warm weather! Nothing beats snuggling up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and a movie in the winter during a snow storm. And we got 8 inches of snow at the beginning of March! Who wants to eat a salad while watching the snow come down? Plus warmer weather means farmer's markets! And Saturday mornings at the farmer's market always seem to have a way to inspire me to eat fresher foods, try new vegetables and make sure the large amount of money I spend doesn't go to waste!

Tip #3: Have a plan! I had planned decent dinner ideas for the first two weeks of the month, but I figured eggs and leftovers would get me by for breakfast and lunch. But, by the second day, I was so tired of eggs and salads.

Tip #4: Start slow! I would suggest trying out a few new meals for a while before you go for 30 days of Whole30 meals. Then you know what you like, what you don't, and are in a better mind set for 30 days of different meals that your usual ones.

Tip #5: Don't pig out prior! Eating a whole box of Girl Scout cookies prior to starting the Whole30 Challenge is not the way to prepare for 30 days of no sugar!

Bonus Tip #6: Don't work at a candy store! is the death of every diet I've ever tried for the last year and a half!!

Honestly, I'm just not a foodie! I don't really like to cook. And I'm specific with what I do like and don't like. So, I just don't think I'm cut out to finish a Whole30 Challenge. I have been inspired to eat healthier and include more fresh vegetables and fruits in my diet. And I'm working on my fitness! lol Hopefully over the next month and throughout this summer I can get better at all of this. I really would like to make improvements to not just mine but also my family's meals during this year.

Have you ever survived a Whole30 Challenge? Got tips?
What did you learn this past March?

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