I Mustache You Some Questions Tag!

Since Michelle from SprinkledJustRight.blogspot.com was so kind to tag me in this little game, we'll have a get to know you better day!

What are four names people call me other than my real name?

What are four jobs I have had?

What are four movies I have watched or would watch over again?
We watch movies almost every night in our family! There is no way I could ever begin to just pick 4! There are so many that I love!!
 What are four books I would recommend?

Where are four places I have lived?

Where are four places I have been?

Where are four places I'd rather be right now?

View of Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo from Odaiba

What four things do I refuse to eat?

What four foods do I like the best?

What TV shows do I watch regularly?

What four things am I looking forward to this year?

What four things do I say the most?

Thanks for tagging me, Michelle!!

Hope everyone else enjoyed getting to know me a little better!!!