High Five for Friday: 5 of My Favorite Memories from 5 years ago!

Finally Friday again! With the 8 inches of snow yesterday I'm not sure we'll end up doing anything today but we were invited to go out for pizza so we might have to make a jailbreak. (By pizza I mean pizza for them, salad for me...boo whole 30!) But until then here are 5 of my favorite memories from 5 years ago!!

1. Kiryu - Yokosuka Girl Scout Friendship: March 2010:
Touring an obi factory

2. Washing the Supra:
Husband loved that car

3. Bought a new car: Japanese Honda Capa:
We bought a new car for me!

4. Hanging out in our neighborhood:
Headed to the Neighborhood Festival with Aunt Julie

5. Fuji Safari Park:
Excuse my scared face! They told me to hold tight so he doesn't claw your face off
and to be careful cause he might pee on you! lol

Just chillin' with Mt. Fuji in the background

Have a happy Friday! Any big plans for the weekend?

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