5 Ways to Cure the Winter Blues

It's MARCH and we are expecting 6-9 inches of snow this afternoon!

And there's still snow on the ground from last week's storm.

And the weather station just posted a reminder that last year we got 3 inches on March 25! That's still 3 weeks away!

I feel like I'm going crazy with all this cold air! But here are 5 ways I'm trying to keep my sanity and cure the Winter Blues!

Winter Blues

1. Buy some flowers - Nothing makes you think of Spring like some Tulips! Even if I'm a plant killer and they are already drooping just a few days after I bought them! They make my dining room look happier with a little bit of more color in there.

Winter Blues

2. Get Lost in a Book - Here are two of the latest books I picked out from the library. Clearly, I want to at least imagine I'm somewhere warm!

3. Turn up the Music - Stereomood, Pandora, RockmyRun, Spotify all have great playlists! Search summer and have a dance party!

4. Embrace it - If we get the actual 6-9 inches they are predicting, I might just have to go out and play in the snow with the kids! In a few months, we'll be wishing it was 20 degrees cooler anyways!

OKAY! Let's be real, I'm not going out there! But I will make some snow ice cream with the kids!! Here's one recipe really similar to the way my mom taught me how to make it as a kid ----> RECIPE

5. Start a Bucket List - My Pinterest Summertime Board has lot of ideas or make your own! I've been printing off the ones I like and making my own list of things the kids and I will do this summer!

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Do you live somewhere that's been getting snowstorm after snowstorm? How are you handling it?