Girl Scout Daisy Award Tracker


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This is my first year as a Daisy Girl Scout leader for my daughter's troop. The amount of paperwork is overwhelming and I don't even have to do it all because I'm not the official leader of our multi-level troop! One thing that was really getting to me was that I couldn't find an Award Tracker anywhere that included all of the earned Daisy Girl Scout Awards. So I made one and I'm sharing it with you!!

I use this tracker to both mark when the girls have earned their Daisy Petals or other awards and when they have been given their award.

Girl Scout Daisy Award Tracker

I do this by simply adding the date when they've earned something, then going back and putting a slash through the date with a different colored pen after they've been given the patch or pin at an awards ceremony.

Super simple, easy to read and much more efficient than just keeping a list of what each girl has earned.

Click on the picture to download or visit this link here:
Daisy Award Tracker Download

Hope there are some other leaders out there that will find this as helpful as I have recently. Please share it and pin it if you like it! Thanks!!

Girl Scout Daisy Award Tracker

Have you ever been a Girl Scout? A Girl Scout Leader? What other printables would help you out?

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