Real Life : The Good and the Bad

So when I started blogging I always told myself I wasn't going to be one of those people who only posts the prettiest pictures of the cleanest house ever and children always smiling and unicorns pooping rainbows! Sometimes I look at all those pictures and just think "yeah right!" Your life isn't always puppies and sunshine like you make it out to be, there's just no way. This mom stuff is hard! So is the wife stuff and so is the just being a person stuff sometimes! That's partially why I even picked the blog name with Real Life. So today I'm going to share some of my Real Life Problems. Luckily, my issues in the grand scheme of things are just First World Problems but I'm trying to do my best to deal with them in a positive way! So here we go...

This edition is brought to you by ZOMBIES because today I am going to be one, barely resembling a still living human, luckily, because I haven't run out of coffee just yet! Last night the baby woke up from her nap around 7:30pm so she didn't want to go to bed till 2am! Then, once I finally got her and myself into bed I had a horrible dream about the Zombie Apocalypse invading my neighborhood. In my dream the only thing I could come up with to save me were a bunch of bananas. That's about all I had to pack to try and hurry up and get out of town with my husband and kids, BANANAS! After I woke up from that graphic dream and managed to fall asleep again for about 30 minutes, my son wakes up yelling for help (not something you want to hear after zombie dreams) cause he's puking in his room! UGH! Not cool at 4:30 in the morning! Then my husband got home from work at 6:30 to wake me up again. Then I was able to get at least another hour of sleep before I had to be up to get my daughter on the bus.

ROUGH NIGHT! But the positive side of it all is... I really need to put together a better emergency kit! I'm not going to go all out doomsday prepper style but I should probably make sure we have something better than bananas to survive if we get a bad ice or snow storm this winter and end up without power! What I do to beef up my emergency kit will be coming in a post soon!

BAD: Zombies
GOOD: Coffee and being prepared

Other, more short and sweet, good and bad scenarios from this week...

That's my dishwasher clearly not where it's meant to be! And that's my counter full of some clean dishes and a sink full of dirty ones. The dang dishwasher wasn't draining earlier this week! Luckily, my handsome handyman of a husband was able to take it apart and figure out what was jamming up the pump that makes it drain. Score one for us for saving by not having to  hire a handyman to come look at it!

BAD: Broken appliances and dirty dishes
GOOD: Hunky handyman who saves the day

On Monday, my husband came home and told me his work schedule is changing. Which means my work schedule has to change, like to minimal to no hours for me.

BAD: Loss of income from my paycheck! Not cool at Christmas time!
GOOD: Husband will be on days, I get to stay home and get this place back in shape before the holidays, more time for blogging and luckily I have a very understanding boss! So I'll get to go in when I can and work on some projects from home while the baby naps.

Luckily, those are my only real big issues this week! Like I said, overall, I've just got first world problems but I knew when I started a blog I didn't want to act like I never had issues at all. It's my blog and I want it to reflect me! My life isn't always perfect, no one's ever is, but I'm not about to post online and act like it is. Gotta keep it real, folks!

What kind of positives can you find in your troubles this week?

Hope you have a great weekend!