Motivation Monday

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Rambling on a Monday...

I got up and made it to the gym this morning! Leg day felt good but in a few days I'm going to feel like this...


Halloween was a blast with the kids! I had a Zombie, Laguna Blue from Monster High and a little WSU Shocker Cheerleader! Kids had fun, got lots of candy and we all enjoyed hanging out with some friends after trick-or-treating!!

This weekend was full relax mode! Girl Scouts was canceled because of rain and Lauren not feeling well. The Fall Baseball Season is over so no more games for my guy until Spring! We all just sat at home cuddled up and watching movies! It was quite glorious!! 

Sunday, I did some planning in my Family Binder. Clipped coupons, made a meal plan for the week, brainstormed future blog posts and made sure everything was on the calendar for the upcoming month. November is looking to not be even half as busy as October was and it's making me feel like I'm forgetting something. But, I'm excited for some down time. It won't really be down time but it'll give me time to refocus my priorities. 

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