Eat, Drink and Give Thanks!

Last Thursday, I went out to dinner and shopping with my friend Michelle.  The last store we went to ended up being Home Goods. It was so nice to just walk around and browse. I  usually end up there with my husband and he's over the place in 2.5 seconds. While browsing, I found the most perfect Thanksgiving plates ever.

Thanksgiving Plates

And what was even better, is that the price was amazing!!

Thanksgiving Plates, Home Goods

Only problem was, was that there were only 5 of them. But Michelle talked me in to them. (It wasn't hard!) And this Thanksgiving it was just going to be my family of 5 at home so no big deal.

I went home and right away pulled out all my chargers and other dishes and decorations and set the table!
See the Home Goods bag still on the floor.
thanksgiving plates

The five plates were going to be perfect to fancy up our small family dinner.

pretty thanksgiving plates

Then I found chocolate wishbones at Mary's Cakery and Candy Kitchen.  And they were just the thing to lay in the middle of the plates. The kids are already drooling over them and can't wait to break them apart on Thanksgiving. They make the perfect Thanksgiving favor at each place setting.

Chocolate Wishbone

Chocolate Wishbone

Everything was good to go!

That was until Saturday, when my husband told me he had invited all the students in his class to come over for Thanksgiving dinner!! Luckily, I hadn't bought a turkey yet!! So Monday, I went grocery shopping planning for not just five people now but 14!!

I'm a little bit stressed about cooking for people I've never met before but excited because Thanksgiving is my favorite and I was kind of sad that our home wasn't going to be filled with guests! I've already planned the menu. And I've started pulling out serving dishes!

It won't be a fancy dinner, but we're not super fancy people. It will be just perfect for those Sailors that are living in the barracks this Thanksgiving. It'll be a fun time where we can eat, drink and give thanks for all the great things we have. 

Has your husband ever surprised you by inviting lots of people over? How do you prep for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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