Motivation Monday

Well, hello Monday!

You're here again!

But today I plan on kicking your butt!


Sometimes I worry that I don't have it all figured out. But then I see quotes like this and realize that shouldn't stop me! Life is always changing, so even if I had it all figured out something would happen and my plan would change again. I need to quit worrying so much about figuring it all out and just focus on making sure I'm always moving forward!

Today, the baby and I are off on an adventure! I'm feeling inspired and motivated and I want to go hunt some thrift stores to see what I can find! And stop by the store to grab some paint to finish up my laundry room and accessories to complete my half bath project. Might also browse Tuesday Mornings, Ross and Home Goods! 

Hopefully I find some good finds! What's your best thrift store find? What other cheaper home decor stores are your favorite? 

Have a Happy Monday!!