How to Host a Pinterest Party

So last week was crazy busy and that is mostly because I spent a few days getting everything ready for an awesome Pinterest Party with a few friends!

Pinterest Party

At a get-together about a month ago we all discussed how fun a Pinterest Party would be. Then, I volunteered to host the first one!! Of course, the first thing I did when I got home that night was to search Pinterest for ideas. I quickly pulled together this board, Pinterest Party. Then, I checked the calendar and picked a date! Since we are all moms, I opted for a morning while most of the kids were in school!

Once the date and time was figured out it was easy to determine the menu. We did a mid-morning party so I, of course, had coffee and creamer! One friend brought even more creamer flavors too! I also made Sausage and Cream Cheese Breakfast Casserole. With one friend allergic to onions, I also tweaked the recipe and made the same thing with bacon bits instead of sausage. Both were delicious. The other dish we had was Crock Pot Cinnamon Roll Casserole. It was ok, I think since we talked too much when everyone first arrived, it might have overcooked a little. Still tasty though.

The hardest part of planning the party was to pick the crafts! There are so many options but I knew that I wanted to keep things to a small budget, as well as, make things that would not take large amounts of time to finish. Shopping for the supplies was rather difficult also. I had to think generic enough so that everyone could make something and it still works with their own home decor and favorite colors. In the end, the three crafts we completed were Sharpie mugs, a burlap wreath and a chalkboard countdown plaque.

We decided that the host would gather all the supplies and the attendees would pay her at the party. I collected $25 for each person and here's the breakdown of what I bought.

Sharpie Mugs:

Burlap Wreath:

Chalkboard Countdown Plaque:

Once everyone arrived, we spray painted the boards for the Countdown Plaques. Then we grabbed some food and started on the Sharpie Mugs. It really helped that I moved my computer to the dining room where we were crafting so we could browse Pinterest for more ideas at the same time. Once the mugs were done, we started twisting up the burlap and making wreaths. Then we finished painting the chalkboard countdown plaques. 

In the end, I think everyone still went home and added more to their projects to make them even more unique! It was a great time with friends and we are already planning the next one!

I decided to keep the numbers small since this was something we'd never done before. Having just four of us worked out perfect. I think if I were to add more people I'd stick with one craft! Wreath and Wine night has a nice ring to it! I think one friend has already started planning that! 

Have you ever hosted a Pinterest party? Have you ever been to one? It was a lot of fun to actually make the crafts instead of just pin them! Hope this post helps you if you ever do plan one. Let me know if you have any other questions!!

PS- I'm a bad blogger and didn't take any pics! Michelle from Sprinkled Just Right did snap a few though! Maybe someday she post something about the party too! Until then check out all the cute bows she's got on sale today and her errand planner which totally could have helped me while I was shopping for this party!

UPDATE- My Girl Scout friend and fellow Navy Wife turned blogging friend turned BFF posted more details on her blog about the Pinterest Party! Click on the picture caption to check it out!

Pinterest Party
Sprinkled Just Right

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