High Five for Friday!

It's finally Friday again! Woot! This week has been rough! So much going on! But here's five great things that happened this week!

1. Baseball- The Cardinals weren't able to pull off a win last night so the Giants are headed to play the Royals in Kansas City. Sad News! But my favorite little league player still has two games left so I'm super excited to spend a few more days watching him play baseball. Here's a snap shot of him getting ready to run the bases this past Monday night.

2. Celebrated our 9th Anniversary on Wednesday! It was a pretty regular day over all, but really, we were just happy to be spending the day together. My husband spend our first anniversary in bootcamp and several after that out to sea, so shore duty is a great change of pace! It's been a crazy nine years together but like that awesome Hunter Hayes song, "I don't want easy, I want crazy!" I love what we've got together and I wouldn't have it any other way.

3. Work has been busy! Lots of new clients and opportunities are popping up every day! We are gearing up for a busy holiday season and having lots of fun with some creative new ideas!

4. I think this little girl is almost ready to start potty training! She's been talking more and more and telling us when she's going! I see the light at the end of the tunnel and no more diapers EVER makes me pretty excited!

5. This whole blogging thing has my creative juices flowing and I've got ideas for days! I'm really pumped about the opportunity to share them all with you as I pull them together! So thanks for checking out what I've already done and for inspiring me to make things happen a lot faster!

What's your favorite things about the past week? What are you looking forward to?