These are a few of my favorite...blogs!

I read A LOT of blogs! I love the inspiration I get from them. I love the shopping tips, make up and hair tutorials, free printables, book suggestions, motivation and advice they offer. But keeping up with them can be really hard! Previously, I used google reader but they discontinued the site. So I had to do some research and figure out a new way to read blogs from all my favorite ladies and gentlemen!  (we'd be best friends in real life I just know it! lol {Some blogs I read I actually am friends with the writers!})

So the website I'm talking about is It gives me an organized feed of all my favorite websites!

My Feedly page looks like this! 

To the left I get the list of all the blogs I follow and on the right I can scroll through and see what they've posted. If I want to check out more of the website or save an idea I see I can just click the "view website" link at the bottom of every post and it takes me right to it. Makes reading blogs like reading the newspaper. I get all the info I want, as soon as the blogger publishes their content and don't have to visit (or remember) a billion different sites.

I try to check Feedly daily but that doesn't always happen! But it just keeps things marked as unread until I've scrolled through the list. The Feedly app on my phone also is super easy to use and I can scroll through there quickly if I'm out and about and have a few minutes.

As you can see I follow a lot of blogs and I add to that list regularly when I find neat links on Pinterest or Facebook. Some of my favorite blogs to follow are:

A Bowl Full of Lemons - Organizing, Cleaning, Decorating

House of Rose - Decorating, Raising Kids, Fashion - There's a lot on her site and she's got even more projects going on with other blogs and her husband!

Clean Mama - Cleaning, printables, organization

Thirty Handmade Days - PRINTABLES!! This lady has some talent and she shares the most adorable projects on all sorts of topics

A Healthy Slice of Life - Food! So many food ideas for both adults and children, plus her cute kids and some fitness

I Love You More Than Carrots - She's got a way with words, she's honest and real and funny AND her 3 sons are cute as ever!

Better After - need home design inspiration? Go here! Full of before and afters!

Team Studer - A mom gives lots of inspiration on how to be a great one! She has amazing ways with words also! She's made me laugh and cry!

Sprinkled Just Right - She's got serious OCD and you have to love her for it! Full of organization and decor advise and she makes some super cute bows! Be sure to check out her errand planner! I'll be making my own soon!

Pancakes and French Fries - Book reviews of every kind with a little of motherhood mixed in

The Fun, Cheap or Free Queen - Where frugal gets a facelift is her tagline and it matches perfectly. She teaches how to save money with style!

Young House Love - Design and remodeling inspiration galore, these two have amazing skills and they go through the steps on how they do it so you can learn! They've even got a book!

Like I said those are really just a few! There are so many more out there and I'm constantly finding more! When I want to add a site I just look for it in the Feedly "Add Content" section. Or if I just want to browse and see if there's anything new I'd like to read Feedly also offers suggestions for similar blogs.

There's other ways out there to keep up to date with your favorite blogs, what do you use? What's your favorite blog to follow?

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