Welcome September!

I'm a planner and I just LOVE when the first of the month is on a Monday (or a Sunday!) Feels like a fresh start! And here we go!

So much going on this month, Back to School, Girl Scouts, Fall Ball, Work, Cooler Weather, Prepping for the upcoming holidays! Today is a super busy prepping and planning day! Menu Planning and shopping I finished up yesterday! Scoring big at Food Lion's Labor Day sales! Sunday night at 8:30 is the time to shop! Today is all about filling backpacks, laying out clothes, packing snacks and getting these kids ready for school!

My plan this month is also for get onboard with clean eating and try to complete 30 days of the Whole30 diet! So far I'm off to a good start, drinking some black coffee this morning! No cream, No sugar!! Woot! The only part that's going to get me is walking in to that dang Candy Shop I work at on Tuesday! But if I want to see changes I've got to stop eating the cream filled chocolates and just sale them! So if you're interested in AMAZING handmade chocolates and fudge, leave me a message!!! =)

 Well that's about all of the brain dump I have time for today! Are you as excited about Fall as I am?

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