Finally Some Answers

I've been having a lot of issues lately with my skin, weight gain, crazy mood swings and more. Went and saw my doctor and he brushed it off. Told me things didn't look that bad, but I could change my birth control if I wanted. I was NOT happy when I left the doc's office. But I called back two days later after I'd calmed down and talked with the appointment scheduler to discuss my options. Best option was that I was able to get a referral to an OB/GYN. Yesterday was that appointment. Let me tell you, I had never given such a detailed report of my medical history. And it wasn't because I wanted to tell them everything, it was because they were asking! I am thrilled with the actions this doctor is taking and how quickly I should find out results of lab work and more! I can't wait to find out what is going on with my body that's making me crazy so I can get it fixed!!! No more acne would be amazing! This is not a problem I usually have to deal with. Props to all those people who manage to deal with and overcome it because it's horrible and doesn't just effect how your face looks but so much more!

The whole 30 thing is going good! Still holding strong to no sugar, breads or dairy products. Been doing even more research and planning some upcoming meals. I'll share those soon! Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures also!

Until the next time! =)

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