Finally Friday!

It's been the busiest week ever it seems!

Started off with a sick husband, then me sniffling non-stop, then the kids, we're all on the mend now though. So far I've made 2 trips to town this week already and another one tonight! (Yes, I live in the boonies and drive to "town" to get to Target, big grocery stores, restaurants or home improvement stores!) Our tiny little town has very limited selections of stores and places to eat! Making a third trip tonight, but it'll be for DATE NIGHT!!! Woot!!!! Pretty good deal when after dating for almost 12 years, I'm still excited for my guy to take me out! With Girl Scouts and baseball, dentist appointments and doctor's visits, we've had something to do nearly morning and evening this week. I'm so ready for a relaxing weekend with limited plans!

I say relaxing but let's get real, I'm a mom, so the chores I have not gotten to this week have been piling up and will have to get done this weekend! But hopefully I can fit in some "me" time! HAHA Yeah right, but I won't have to set the alarm clock for two days and that in itself is GLORIOUS news!!

I did see on Facebook that Saturday is Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play! Look in to it! Seems like a great idea!!

What are your plans for the weekend?