Summer Lovin'

A few of my favorite things about Summer

1. Hydrangeas from the Farmer's Market
            Ajisai bloomed everywhere in Japan! I miss seeing the wide range of colors while driving all around that beautiful country!

2. Sticky Kids
            We've been eating up all the fruits and veggies I can shove down their throats lately!! 

3. True Blood
            The Final Season! Husband and I have been spending quality time catching up since last summer was a blur and we never watched season 6, now the last season is here and I can't wait to see how it all ends!
True Blood

4. Summer Schedule
            Sleeping in, staying up late, time for crafts and fun stuff with the kids! It's been a blast! Best part is though, I started a summer schedule with the kids and after a week it's been shot to hell really in ever aspect except the chores part. They wake up, get dressed brush their, teeth and come down stairs and empty the dish washer! I really truly believe the key to a clean house is a clean kitchen! If it's clean when I get up in the morning then I feel ahead of the game and have more time for other chores to get finished!

What are a few of your favorite things about summer so far?