Beginnings of a front yard makeover on a budget

Our front yard has a major lack of curb appeal, but we are slowly but surely trying to fix that. Thing is, my budget is tight and I have no idea what I'm doing!  The porch and garage lights on the house when we bought it were probably the ones that have been on the house since it was built. They are not of great quality so they quickly took a beating and looked awful.

You can see if they above picture that they turned in to a rust orange-ish color that doesn't go well with the ugly green door and shutters.  (And you can see how ugly the rest of the landscaping is!)

I looked at new lights online and in stores. Most started at around $25 and prices quickly went up from there. I'm cheap and have better things to spend at least $75 on. I'd like a new chair for our living room more than new lights on the house. So it wasn't going to happen.  

Until I found a can of Rustoleum Hammered Black Paint and Primer in One at Ace Hardware while I was browsing one day and decided that would be the thing to update the lights and house numbers with. 

And that's what I did!

The house numbers also got freshened up so you can see them from the street and everything matches so much better now. I hate the railing on the front step, but the lights being black tie it all in together a little better so it's not quite as bad. 

Soon I'll have a plan for what to do in the flower beds at the front of the house and get to work on those. Might have to wait till fall when the weather cools back off again though. 

I have a lot of other projects going this week that I've almost got finished! Feels so good to be productive and get things accomplished. 

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