Back at it!

Here we go! June 1! Great day to start something new and fresh! So I've gone back and forth about this whole blogging thing. Do I want to put the time in to something without knowing if it will go anywhere? Do I want to share that much of my life with the world wide web? Well I need an outlet somewhere and I feel like writing just might be the thing! So here goes! Sunday, June 1. Love it when months start on Sundays, makes the calendars I'm always planning out work so well!

So I'm a planner and here's this week's plan!! Lots of cleaning and organizing before the kids get out of school for summer and we have several people over to our house for a party!!

June 1 - Finish outside lights
June 2 - Meal Plan for the next two weeks
June 3 - Clean Main floor
June 4 - Clean upstairs/Organize Kid's rooms
June 5 - Clean/Organize basement
June 6 - Prep for party
June 7 - Throw epic 30th Birthday Party for my husband! =)
June 8 - Enjoy the day with Family! Husband turns 30!!!!

On top of all that I would like to read a book or two I recently bought on my kindle! No time like the present to sit out in the sun working on my tan and enjoying a good book!

Also keep up on my twice a day workouts! Been going to the gym to lift with my husband then doing short videos at home on my own! I'm tired of feeling fat and I'm finally doing something about it!

I'll share details on how I revamped my outside lights tomorrow and saved myself at least $60!!

What's on your to do list for the week? Any big celebrations coming up in your life? 30 is the new 20 right? Please tell me yes! I just turned 29 so I'm almost there! *scary* lol