Menu Planning

Menu Planning is something I do all the time but I never manage to stick to it. I even got creative and bought a $3 poster frame from the thrift store for our kitchen to meal plan on and I'll write it all out and by the end of the week the plan has gone to hell. Then the board sits there with the same menu on it for a few weeks until I feel motivated enough to change it again.

One corner of my kitchen. I hung up the board near the pantry to make planning easier. 

Meal Plan Board with menu from 2 weeks ago still on it! Spring Break is now over!

 Truth is though my family eats out way too often and it's not healthy for our bodies or our budget. We need to do better and as the mom and chef by we, I mean ME! So here is this week's attempt at a plan. I'll check in when the week is over and let you know how well we stuck to it!

This week's plan

Sunday - Ham and Noodle Casserole I think I'm going to go with this recipe

Monday - Sandwiches
Between baseball practice and Girl Scouts it's hard to get the kids off the bus and feed before we have to start going in all sorts of different directions for the evening. This might change to something else depending on if I can gather some more inspiration tomorrow. I

Tuesday - Pork Chops and Mash Potatoes

Wednesday - Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
Another day for baseball practice, this week there's a game this night so I've gotta go with something quick and easy.

Thursday - Monterey BBQ Chicken

Friday - Homemade Pizzas

Saturday - Steaks on the Grill

*I don't plan breakfasts or lunches usually. The kids eat cereal, oatmeal, bagels or toast most mornings. (another goal is to create healthier breakfasts for them) and they eat lunch at school. The baby and I usually eat leftovers from the night before for lunch.

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