I'm so lost....

So I've started this blog and I want to see it grow in to something amazing! But truth is I'm not particularly amazing at anything! I'm just good at a lot of things. I haven't found my niche yet in life. But I feel like that's the whole reason to start this blog. I've been doing some research though and let me tell you there are some amazing people out there with such awesome skills and ideas that it's so overwhelming. It's hard to believe that they might have started as a little blog with no readers and no design. And now they are changing the world! Gotta remember that you've got to start somewhere though!

So talking about all those things I'm good at here's a weekend recap! =)

Friday- I worked at my part-time job for a few hours! I'll share more of that in the future. I've got some big plans I'm working on with my boss and I'm hoping to help take her and her business to amazing places.

Saturday- Sleeping In!! LOVE days where there are no alarm clocks involved!! Then my son had a baseball game and we came home, started a fire and made some s'mores! The fire was made of all the grass and twigs my husband broke down and tore up. We've got big landscaping plans for the front yard and we're trying to clear out the back to see what we are working with and make some plans there. I'll get pictures soon and hopefully we'll end up with some amazing before and afters!

Sunday- We got up early and made our way to D.C. Met up with some good friends there and had a picnic, flew some kites and let the kids play together. I love sitting back and enjoying the sites of our Nation's Capitol. It's pretty amazing that I can drive up and have lunch between the White House and Washington Monument. I'm really happy with the journey my husband's Navy Career has taken us on.

Monday- Our house was a disaster after avoiding it all weekend so I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Then of course the kids came home and it was quickly destroyed again! Slowly but surely training them to clean up after themselves.

Today- Went to work for a little bit this morning. Even more excited about what I've got going on there. I hope it all works out and ends up making a difference. Then I threw dinner in the crock pot and took a nap with the baby! I highly recommend Ranch House Pork Chops. Simple and Delicious! Can't beat recipes like that!