Friday, October 17, 2014

High Five for Friday!

It's finally Friday again! Woot! This week has been rough! So much going on! But here's five great things that happened this week!

1. Baseball- The Cardinals weren't able to pull off a win last night so the Giants are headed to play the Royals in Kansas City. Sad News! But my favorite little league player still has two games left so I'm super excited to spend a few more days watching him play baseball. Here's a snap shot of him getting ready to run the bases this past Monday night.

2. Celebrated our 9th Anniversary on Wednesday! It was a pretty regular day over all, but really, we were just happy to be spending the day together. My husband spend our first anniversary in bootcamp and several after that out to sea, so shore duty is a great change of pace! It's been a crazy nine years together but like that awesome Hunter Hayes song, "I don't want easy, I want crazy!" I love what we've got together and I wouldn't have it any other way.

3. Work has been busy! Lots of new clients and opportunities are popping up every day! We are gearing up for a busy holiday season and having lots of fun with some creative new ideas!

4. I think this little girl is almost ready to start potty training! She's been talking more and more and telling us when she's going! I see the light at the end of the tunnel and no more diapers EVER makes me pretty excited!

5. This whole blogging thing has my creative juices flowing and I've got ideas for days! I'm really pumped about the opportunity to share them all with you as I pull them together! So thanks for checking out what I've already done and for inspiring me to make things happen a lot faster!

What's your favorite things about the past week? What are you looking forward to?

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Laundry Room Makeover

It's not 100% complete just yet but I'm pretty proud of what I learned painting my first room and how I pulled it all together. It's taken almost a year to complete, simply out of hesitation (The Nesting Place helped me overcome my fears!), but I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger and I'm happy with where it is today.

laundry room

We bought this house in July 2013, without ever stepping foot inside! That's a long story for a different day! But one of the things that I immediately loved was the fact that the laundry room was upstairs, right across the hall from the master bedroom and in between two of the kids rooms. I'll never understand why people always choose to make them so far away from where the clothes actually are, but this house didn't have that problem! What the laundry room did have was lack of storage and venting for the dryer out of the ceiling, weird right?

We moved in to the house officially at the end of August 2013. Being military though and spending the previous 5 years overseas, we had to wait for our stuff to get here and wait even longer for our washer and dryer to get moved out of storage. All that finally showed up and while it was great to not have to head to the laundry mat anymore after 5 years in storage we knew our hand-me-down washer and dryer was on it's last legs. The pair, was an unmatched set that my Dad was kind enough to load up and make the drive from Wichita to Chicago in a ice storm to bring us way back when! It was not a very pleasing to the eyes set, so ugly I never even took any before pictures of the room!

Flash Forward to October 2013! That's when my husband's AMAZING Grandma and Grandpa made the drive from the midwest to the East Coast to come see our new house! Grandpa Bill has amazing talents and as Grandma always does, she spoiled us with several trips to Lowe's to help us make some upgrades right away on the house. We did three projects while they were here, under cabinet kitchen lighting, a new outlet in the laundry room (there was only one for the washer and one for the dryer where are we suppose to plug in the ironing board?) and NEW CABINETS for the laundry room!!!

By the time the weekend was over we had some amazing new storage in the laundry room! And within days of Grandma and Grandpa leaving the washer finally did give out and my wonderful husband bought me a new matching set!

And the room stayed like that for several months! Then my Dad came to visit and helped me pick out which stain to buy. But the room still stayed the same for several months more. Then I finally stained the cabinets. And it was just a room with stained cabinets for another 6 months at least. Until this past weekend, when I finally painted and we added the last few touches and I pulled all the accessories I'd bought over the last year and finally put them out! Now it looks like this....

clothespin hooks
Found the hooks at Kohls

Laundry Room

And there's plenty of storage!

And the dryer vent is mostly hidden in the cabinet!

There's one more board we just got finished staining that will complete the underside of the cabinets so you can't see the unfinished part of that. And I'd love to get a new ironing board and hang it on robe hooks like I've seen on Pinterest. The shelf above the washer and dryer still looks pretty empty so I'll probably still pick more stuff up if I see anything that catches me eye while I'm out browsing and I'm thinking of making some sort of printable laundry guide for the wall. I'll update if I ever get that done.

Here's the sign that started it all!
Endless Love and Laundry
Found the sign at Ross

 This quote is so true! Just minutes after I took all these pictures I got started on all the laundry that got backed up after taking the washer out of the room for two days! Dirty laundry multiplies quick in this house so don't think for a second this room still looks this good! Laundry all over the floor and the shelf has quickly turned in to a place for folded baby clothes! And today is our 9th wedding anniversary so we are feeling the love! I'm glad I have such a great husband to help me with these projects!

And I'm glad to have one room of the house finally painted and put together, now to go get supplies to finish up our next project!!

A bright new room as helped me get all caught up with the washing! Why aren't there folding machines yet? lol How do you stay caught up on laundry? Do you do all your laundry one one certain day or do you do one load every day of the week?

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Monday, October 13, 2014

8 Lessons Learned Painting My First Room

So I painted my Laundry Room this weekend! So glad I started with a small area as my first ever room to paint. People make it look so easy. And it wasn't hard but it just wasn't what I expected when I used to dream of changing the colors of the rooms as often as the seasons changed in the house I would some day own. But here are a few tips I learned along the way. 

Painting Room Lessons

1. Too much is better than not enough! - Especially when it comes to paint! If you think a quart will be enough for your tiny laundry room. Think again!! Just go ahead and get the gallon. It'll save you the 40 minute one way drive to Lowe's to finish the second coat. Nothing like wanting to be done and not being able to finish.

Green Paint

2. Ladders hurt! - You'll smash your toe carrying it upstairs and standing on it in just socks is uncomfortable. I suggest the use of some tennis shoes or cute slippers!

3. All those people who paint with out ever flinging, dripping or dropping paint, they have talent! Prepare for a lot of curse words and clean up! Painting your first room will be messy!

4. Taping off the room is best left to the husband! You can then later blame him for crooked lines! Muahahaha! Plus ain't nobody got time for that! It is one of the most important parts though so I highly suggest taking the time.

5.  Don't take shortcuts! Going hand in had with lesson number 4! Taking shortcuts will make everything look sloppy and it will just make the next homeowners irritated. Take down the outlet and light switch covers instead of just trying to paint around them. Ugh! So many of mine have this ugly shade of yellow-y paint where the last people just tried to free hand paint around them.

6.  When looking to your husband for advise or reassurance that things look good, consider the time of year! HAHA! It's a Red October, folks! Which means it is another year of the St. Louis Cardinals in the playoffs hoping to make it to the World Series! If you might need something after a game has started, think again! lol

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball
(P.S. - I love baseball also! So I was watching the game too!)

7. Almost 2 year olds love to walk in and touch the wall you just painted! They're lucky they are so cute! And the soon to be 7 year old will continuously ask to help. It's best to let them use the roller a few times and send them off to prep for a tea party celebration for when the painting is done!

8. Paint seems to contain lots of addicting particles that make you want to go out and buy gallons and gallons of more colors so you can finish the rest of the house as soon as possible!!! Next up the powder room on our main floor!!!

What tips do you have for painting?

Check back in later this week for all the details of my green laundry room!!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Treasure Hunting Finds!!

So I should be cleaning instead of blogging but I want to share everything I found on Monday! And procrastination is my style so no worries that I have 10 people coming over for dinner tonight, I'll manage to get it all done! {fingers crossed!}

So after picking up a sick kid and dropping him back off at home with Dad, me and the baby went out on our adventure.

First we headed to Big Lots. It's not usually a store I go to. But I've seen others blog about good finds there and I just felt it calling my name. There I found...

Two very simple, yet just perfect for my daughter's room, curtain rods for $6 each! They had lots of pretty styles to choose from and I'll probably head back there soon for rods to go in the rest of my house. Window coverings can be so expensive and I see no reason to splurge on something that is just going to sit there. The Nesting Place book has taught me that! 

After Big Lots, I headed to Goodwill and Tuesday Morning. This Goodwill location I've never had much luck at and I didn't find anything that day either. Tuesday Morning is a hit or miss place sometimes and this time it was overflowing with Christmas stuff, that I'm just not ready to buy. I did pick up a black crochet infinity scarf as well as cute new pillow for my living room. 

New pillow from Tuesday Mornings

 Next we headed to lunch at ChickFilA!! Cause when you are in town you eat at the good places! Man, it stinks living in the country!

Then I dropped off a bucket of things the kids had outgrown at Once Upon A Child. When I went back to see what they'd bought from me I was lucky enough that they took quite a bit and left the store with $40 dollars in my pocket! If you've never checked that place out and have kids, do it now! They have great deals on gently used items and they will buy your gently used kid's clothes. Easier than selling them on Facebook group pages.

Then we headed to a different shopping area. Hit up another Goodwill, where I found a cute little acorn dish. It will go perfect on my mantle when I switch things from Halloween to Fall.

Goodwill Hunting Find

 Hobby Lobby price tag still on it says $17.99, I got it for a steal at $0.99!!

I also found a $5 picture frame that is the perfect size for a project in my kitchen!

Future DIY Project

This weekend I plan on spray-painting it, removing the picture inside, finding some new matting and framing recipe cards from all the amazing Grandmas we've got in our lives. I hope it turns out like I imagine it will!

Next up was Marshalls and Ross!
Marshalls Steal

New Bedding Set for quite a steal at $54. 

Treasure Hunting Find

$13 Family Rules canvas to add to my upstairs gallery wall. 

Ross Deal

$11 Trio of frames I think I want to hang in my entry way once I get finished with the Board and Battan project I have planned there. 

Once we left those stores it was almost time to head home so we ran in to Lowe's and grabbed the paint I needed to finish up the laundry room. I can't wait for Saturday so I can get started on that. Such a pretty green color! 

laundry room

There you have it! It was quite a day but with a little browsing I was able to find some great things. I can't wait to get started on all the projects so I can show you the finished projects!

Now it's time to get to prepping for the goodbye party that will kick off our weekend tonight!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Family Binder and how it keeps me organized!

So on Monday I blogged about how things are always changing so you can never truly plan everything out! Absolute truth! I hit publish and the school called me saying my son had puked! Shopping tripped delayed till later in the day since I had to go pick him up and bring him back home. Luckily it seemed to be a one time deal and my husband was home for the day so baby girl and I still got to go run around and treasure hunt! I'll share those deals soon!

Today I'm going to share about My Family Binder!

This little binder here is the brains of my organization! It's where I keep all sorts of important day to day things and it's my quick reference playbook as well as my idea generator!

It's just a simple three ring binder that I customized with a printout of our family names at Use what ever words you feel like, pick your colors and click go until you find a design you like best.

Inside my binder I have several different sections. They include but aren't limited to the following.

To make your binder work for you, you'd have to figure out what you need the most. Not everyone needs a work or Girl Scout section but I could probably use a cleaning section! I've been thinking of adding that for a while now. Maybe soon!

Here's the breakdown of what I keep in each section of my binder.

Front Pocket: Random Stuff that needs filed or sorted in to sections later

Then blank paper on the top of my binder section. I'm a pen and paper type of girl! I need that loose leaf paper to let my mind run and get all my thoughts down sometimes. I can steal from this front pile of paper for the other sections too.

I've printed off the year 2014 monthly calendars from Three whole punched those and stuck them in. I can write all the important things I need to on the calendar pages. Then I have some loose leaf paper to keep notes on. Things like I need to get some birthday cards for October/November since I have a have 4 family birthdays in those two months.

In the back of each section I also have these page holders.

These allow me to tuck in things for each section. In my Calendar section it holds doctor referrals I need to take with me to appointments and other things that might be time sensitive that I need to take care of. 

Menu Plan: When I'm on top of my game I menu plan for the week. This section is where I keep that info. I also jot down recipes I see on Pinterest that I want to remember or I clip and keep recipes in the page holder at the back. I also use this section to write down things I need from the store so while I'm meal planning I can also keep a grocery list going. 

Budget & Bills: I used some loose leaf paper and a pen to make a "really fancy" spreadsheet of our bills every month. I organized them by what comes out on the 1st paycheck and what comes out during the 15th paycheck. I check them off and keep confirmation numbers in this section. On the loose leaf paper in between the divider and the page holder I keep a running balance of our checking account.  In the page holder I keep bills that need to be paid until their paid then I file them away else where. 

Work: I was working at home more but now I'm back to going in to the store so this section doesn't get used as often any more. I just write down random ideas I get so I can share them with my boss. 

Kids: I keep the school calendar here so I know when there are days off. I have their teacher contact info. I used this section more during the summer when I had much more of their day planned out. Now that they are in school, their school papers get trashed or put in to their yearly folders of papers to save, which is kept in a different area of my office. 

Contacts: Addresses, stamps, return mailing labels. This is my section of quick reference when I can't remember which zip code belongs to who when I need to send a card out. It's also very helpful when sending Christmas cards. I've tucked new address announcements in this section to so when I go to send holiday cards this year I can flip through and see what addresses need updated. 

Our Home: I printed out's Family Home Projects printable. This section is where I keep my never ending list of things I want to do to this house. I draw up pictures, take down measurements and in the page holder I keep a few magazine clipping of things I really like and paint chip cards I always seem to pick up every time we are in a home improvement store. 

Girl Scouts: Has what my troop is doing planned out for most of the year and any ideas I see what we should recreate! Also where I plan my meetings at and make supply lists to make sure I show up to meetings with everything I might need. 

Always Changing! =)

Future Planning:  I haven't officially labeled this section yet cause I'm not sold on that name but I've started to plan a pinterest party and this is where I keep all that info. It also has a page with wish lists for Christmas ideas for the kids and a list of things I've already started to buy them so I can attempt to stay on a budget and don't forget what I've already bought this early in the year. 

Workout: All those printable workouts you see on Pinterest,  I try to keep them here instead of all over the house. When I'm motivated I also track how much water I drink in a day, food intake and track my weight and measurements I take. 

WHEW! Longest post ever!!!! But that's just a quick overview of what works for me. This binder isn't something I carry around everyday. If there's something I have that I need I quickly take out the page holder and then put it back in when I get home. I also tend to carry a smaller calendar with me when I'm out and about or I put things in my calendar app on my phone then copy them to the binder later. Really this binder is what I tend to look at or plan with every evening when I need to get prepare for the next day. I can sit down on the couch flip though it and make sure everything is up to date and there's nothing I have forgotten. 

Do you have a binder? What sections am I totally missing out on? 

Hope this inspires some new ideas!!
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Motivation Monday

Well, hello Monday!

You're here again!

But today I plan on kicking your butt!


Sometimes I worry that I don't have it all figured out. But then I see quotes like this and realize that shouldn't stop me! Life is always changing, so even if I had it all figured out something would happen and my plan would change again. I need to quit worrying so much about figuring it all out and just focus on making sure I'm always moving forward!

Today, the baby and I are off on an adventure! I'm feeling inspired and motivated and I want to go hunt some thrift stores to see what I can find! And stop by the store to grab some paint to finish up my laundry room and accessories to complete my half bath project. Might also browse Tuesday Mornings, Ross and Home Goods! 

Hopefully I find some good finds! What's your best thrift store find? What other cheaper home decor stores are your favorite? 

Have a Happy Monday!!
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Oh Monday mornings, how I loathe you!! But weekend, glorious weekend, you were fantastic and I can't wait to see you again!

It was a really great weekend, filled with lots of new things! And although I didn't get near as much as I wanted to done, I'm over it cause sitting around and relaxing was nice.

Friday-  The boy went to baseball practice and a sleepover with his friend and the girls went to the YMCA for Parent's Night Out and my handsome husband and I went out to dinner alone! He researched a new restaurant that was just as great as the reviews it had online. It's not a super romantic or upscale place. But my husband knows I care more about food than those things. It was a Salvadorian and Mexican place that had amazing tamales and fajitas and I can't wait to go back! I'm hungry now just thinking about it.  Check it out if you are in Fredericksburg... El Asador

Saturday-  We did a whole lot of nothing for most of the day. Then my daughter and I headed over to a Girl Scout Ceremony. We had a short and simple ceremony then sang some songs and roasted some s'mores! It's a great multi-level troop and we have some awesome adult volunteers so it's going to be a really exciting year!!

Sunday- Dishes, Laundry, Reading! That's it! Managed to finish The One and Only by Emily Griffin. It was pretty good. Interesting enough that I kept reading but kind of weird in an "Ew!" that's just gross way. Can't say much more without telling you the whole story. But I totally think the main character, Shea, picked the wrong person. 


But now it's Monday morning, managed to get the kids off to school without too much fuss! Lauren is not a morning person, just like her momma! Need to go jump in the shower before the baby gets up and so I can head out to my appointment. Wish I was better prepped for the week ahead but I'm sure we'll make it through it.

 Hope everyone else had a great last weekend of summer. What did you do? Are you ready for the week ahead? 
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